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First Date Tips

Here are five first date tips that will help you put your best foot forward in a relationship.

1. Try not to ask for a next day date when talking a member of the opposite sex.

Create mystery and anticipation by scheduling the date well in advance. This make the other person more excited about the date and causes natural romance. If the right moment comes up to a spring a next day date its ok to go for it, but you could blow it and make the other person not interested.

2. Have a plan, even if it’s a simple one.

First dates are awkward enough as it is. Don’t make the situation more awkward by meeting in a casual place and having no plan what to do next. Your date could be as simple as coffee at Starbucks. But don’t meet at Starbucks because it is easy to find and then ask where you should go for dinner.

3. Take charge of the first date plan by asking suggestive questions.

Going out for dinner is a common idea for a first date and for good reason. You can make planning a dinner date much easier by suggesting a restaurant that they might like instead of asking what type of food they like. For example, instead of asking, “What type of food do you like,” take control by asking the other person if they would like to go to a specific restaurant. You might say, “I read about this great Italian restaurant online and I’ve been really wanting to try it. Would you like to join me?” Pick something down the middle and you won’t go wrong. Taking charge will make the person more comfortable from the get go.

4. Listen to the other person and don’t bring up other relationships

As the great saying from Stephen Covey goes, “Seek to understand and then to be understood.” People will notice when you are interested in listening to them and not trying to always get in the last word. And while your at it, through in a simple compliment but don’t go overboard.

5. Stay patient and positive

Remember that first impressions mean a lot. If you have a bad experience with a waiter at a restaurant, do not lose your cool. Stay positive and treat the other person with respect, even if they are the worst server you have ever had. Don’t let someone else ruin your date. Once you start letting something take your focus away from your date, you are doomed from the start.